Biocera Zero Showered Head

How about Safe Shower Every Day?

The public water supplies are treated with chlorine to disinfect bacteria and virus activation. Although chlorine can prevent waterborne diseases, it releases trihalomethane(THM), a carcinogenic by-product that is harmful to the body.

Tap water is treated by chlorine which leads to pipe corrosion. Corroded rusty pipes could potentially damage home water supply and harmful water contaminants exposure might lead to infectious skin diseases and atopic dermatitis skin disorders.

When rust particles in corroded pipes are exposed to the skin leads to atopic dermatitis, hair loss, respiratory conditions, and more.



Chlorine from wastewater treatment and rust from corroded pipes can lead to skin irritation.

Replacement Filter

Removes Rust Particles in Water

Chlorine treatment can lead to pipe corrosion, resulting in foreign particle exposures such as rust. Biocera Zero Filtered Shower Head uses a sediment filter to remove foreign particles and rust so you can finally take a clean shower.

Micro Bubble Stream

+ High Water Pressure

+ Water Saving

The microbubble water stream that goes through 210 tiny holes, precisely drilled into a stainless steel board, helps you take a soft, moisturizing shower and high water pressure. Compared to normal showerheads, Biocera Zero Shower Head Filters save about 30% more water, making it economical and efficient.

Residual chlorine in tap water can sometimes cause skin problems. Residual chlorine, especially in tap water, can easily spread and be absorbed by the body when showered. It can be safe from skin trouble by removing residual chlorine with Biocera Zero Filtered Showerhead.

For Daily Shower

For Toddler & Children

For Pet

Certified Safe Materials

The BIOCERA Chlorine Removal ceramic balls in BIOCERA Zero Shower Head Filter effectively remove chlorine from tap water. 

The BIOCERA RC Balls are certified by NSF International against NSF/ANSI Standard 42 for material requirements.

*NSF Mark is only for BIOCERA BALLS. Biocera other products are irrelevant to the NSF Mark.

Precautions When Use

  1. Do not leave the showerhead at extreme hot water temperatures, it might deform the product. 
  2. Please note that excessive force may cause damage.
  3. Use only with tap water as a bathroom shower.
  4. Be careful not to give a strong impact to the showerhead or to tighten the head and the handle too hard, as the handle may be damaged.
  5. Intentional damage from the customer will not be refunded or replaced.

The Story of Dr. Jeon's

Secret Crystal Growth

Biocera Balls are created in the 1980s with top-secret crystal growth technology using rubies, sapphires, and corundum. The Biocera Balls are manufactured by careful selections of earth minerals that do not elute heavy metals.

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