Biocera Hydrogen Soap

Hydrogen antioxidant efficacy absorption improves the moisturizing effect. The fine hydrogen particles penetrate deeply into the skin, helping to remove acidic wastes accumulated in the pores with a low stimulus. The anti-inflammatory effect of hydrogen can be used safely for all skin types as well as for sensitive atopic skin.

Features and benefits

  • Helps remove harmful active oxygen
  • Hydrogen small particles effectively remove sebum and acidic wastes in pore
  • Helps to reform at skin trouble such as pimple, atopy dermatitis, and more.
  • Hydrogen antioxidant affects influence 170 times more than vitamin C.

The Brand Story ‘Antioxidant Alkaline Biocera’  

The world first antioxidant hydrogen reduced alkaline ion water producing reduced Jug as a brand name of 'Antioxidant Alkaline Biocera' to overseas market by co-development with ...

The antioxidant activity of Biocera Hydrogen soap helps to remove active oxygen caused by ultraviolet ray, air pollution, stress, etc. Active oxygen. The oxidation caused by active oxygen damages intracellular genes and cells, resulting in many diseases. Hydrogen, an antioxidant, penetrates directly into the skin cells to remove active oxygen, thereby helping the cells healthy and helping the skin.

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Bldg. C-2F, Korea Bio Park, 700, Daewangpangyo-ro, 

Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea 13488 

+82 31-628-0600

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