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News and Notice

Discussion on Super Oxizider with Seoul National University Bundang Hospital Officials

8 Jul 2021
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Biocera has discussed disinfectant which may be an alternative to the necrosis of diabetic patients and pressure ulcer with the research planning department director and plastic surgeon at the Seoul National University Bundang Hospital. The Biocera disinfectant was discussed based on research which is expected to be published in international journals, in cooperation with Yonsei University, which is effective in ROS, NO, GPx, Catalase, and Intraceullar Ca by H2O2 and LP stress on cells. Seoul National University Bundang Hospital still uses Povidone-iodine for wound disinfection, but there are problems such as odor, pain, and skin discoloration. Both parties discussed the further method, procedure, and research that can generate a transparent sterilizing and disinfectant solution that has a stronger disinfecting effect and cell regeneration compared to existing products.  Yeon Sang-heum, head of the research department, Kwon Il-man, head of marketing division, Song Hyang, vice president of marketing, and Dr. Jeon Hyoung-Tag, CEO of Biocera.

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