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Biocera A

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Antibacterial Agent

Biocera A
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adding amount(%)

Biocera A powder HAP, Ag 25kg/Box 0.5~2
Use : Additives for antibacterial on plastic resins or silicon, rubber, paint
Features : HAP is used and teeth and bones consist of it. BIOCERA-A does not have discoloring.

Biocera A, composed of ca-phosphate, alumina and silica as well as silver Ag ions, is a non-toxic antibiotic agent which is harmless to the human body. Proved to have the superior safety feature, Biocera A is known for its antibiotic and bactericidal ability and durability. Also, this inorganic antibiotic agent has the active function to the living body with the use of far infrared rays radiation ceramics.
When Biocera A is added to products and is endowed with antibiotic function, it shows the most effective antibiotic ability when contacted with various kinds of microbes. In contrast to the organic antibiotic agents that are less heat-resistant, the inorganic
Biocera A has better thermal stability up to 1000℃, thereby displaying a wide range of applicability in daily products.

Features of Biocera

Particle Size

Heat Stability

Emission of FIR(%)







Excellent antibacterial effect (99%)

  • - Sterilization by active oxygen of ceramic
  • - Sterilization by Nano Ag ions
  • - Adsorption of bacteria, organic matter and gas by porous bio-ceramics

Superior antibacterial durability

Unlike organic antibacterial agent, Biocera A is stabilized under the high temperature and maintains the antibacterial effect for a long time because it isn't volatilize a and eluted No tolerance material.

Biocera A, as a non-discharge material, doesn't make any tolerance because it sterilizes bacteria or virus by OH radical and active oxygen (=free radical) when contact with them.

Antibacterial processing is essential for human health.
Antibacterial processing in the following fields-household, hygienic, and textile goods, electrical appliances, and construction materials such as paint, packages-increases product quality by meeting customers' needs to health, cleanliness and freshness.

Applications Recommended
Applications Material
Thermos Lid Plastic PP 0.5~2%
Waterproof Sheet PE
Hand Dry, Dish Warmer ABS
Refrigerator Linings HIPS
Plastic food packaging Film Artifacts(PE,PP,LDPE)
Car Gear Knob PVC
Bedding Fibers, Textiles Textile, Chemical Fiber
Car Seat Surface Coating Synthetic Leather
Enamel Pottery, Metal Heat-resistant Coating
Paint Paint Water-based Architectural Coating
Cosmetic others Cosmetic    


FDA safety certificate

Verified non-toxic material as a result of the oral toxicity test by the FDA rule

  • - Test animal: ICR mouse
  • - Test items: LD50 value > 10,000mg/kg
  • - Clinical symptoms: None
  • - Variation of weight: None


Biocera Antibacterial Items
  Biocera A Series Biocera MB
Type Fine White Powder Bio Antibacterial Master Batch
Features - Antibacterial
- Deodorization
- Antifungal
- Antibacterial
- Emission of Far Infrared Rays
- Maintains freshness
- Increases the durability & thermal
  resistance of plastic products
Components Ca, Mg, P2O5, Al2O3, SiO2, Ag, Zn etc. PP, PE, ABS, GPPS, PVC etc.
Particle Size 3㎛ Pellet

Packing Unit : Biocera A series - 25 kg Box (Inner PE film)
Biocera MB - 25 kg Box

Biocera mb Image  Biocera mb Image  Biocera mb Image  Biocera mb Image


Test Result of Biocera® A Series (Antibacterial efficacy = 99.9%)
Bacteria sample Initial After 24hrs
Escherichia coli O-157 Blank 2.5×105 1.2×106
Biocera A 2.5×105 < 10
Staphylococcus aureus Blank 1.2×106 1.3×106
Biocera A 1.2×106 < 10
Pseudomonas aerouginosa Blank 1.0×106 1.2×107
Biocera A 1.0×106 < 10
Salmonella arizonae Blank 1.5×106 6.8×105
Biocera A 1.5×106 < 10

0-157 colon Bacillus



We suggest suitable kind of antibacterial agent to your product because the selection of antibacterial agent depends on application target, economic efficiency, practicality, safety and etc.

Business Cooperations

  • Electronics Automobile Construction
    materials LG Samsung Hyundai
  • Robber Gloves for washing
  • Stationery DongAPen
  • Textile SBW
  • Electronics for Hair
    Unix Electronics
  • Plastic food vessel
    & water bottle KOMAX

Safety certified (Korea, USA)

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